Magical Love Book


As it’s Valentines day next week, it seems like a good time to post this project from 2008.

Partly inspired by Meredith Scheff’s travel journal this formed the casing for my ‘and finally’ present for my fiancée for Xmas 08.  Inside the book is a hollowed section, inside that a purple felt purse, inside that, a sparkly bracelet (the actual present).

The heart on the front is Fimo, formed with a cookie cutter with salt pushed in to the surface. When the salt dissolves, it leaves a pitted metal effect.

The compartment was cut about 10 days before Xmas day. I had to lock myself in the bedroom for a few hours to do it.

The book is one of two i’d bought from a charity shop, 50p each. I didn’t realise until later but both books are dedicated to people with the same surname as my fiancée, a nice bonus (but strange looks when she opened it).

The pouch was a last minute addition made from left over felt from a  Halloween project that never happened, the sewing is pretty rough, but did the job.

The final assembly of the book, inside covers and ribbons was completed the morning we left for Wales, requiring me to borrow her hair drier to speed things up a bit.

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