Aug 1 2010

Death & Dino Gardens


Click Here for the making of Death’s Garden

The Grim Reaper’s garden was originally very different. My intention was a nice scene featuring typical model railway figures. When I got to the model shop, this fella caught my eye, how could i not buy Death? Once you have Death, the graveyard follows pretty quickly.

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Jul 12 2010

Dr Who Tardis Mini Garden


This Display, based on my previous mini Dino gardens, materialised over the past weekend. We’re all big fans of Dr Who in my household. My daughter knew of Daleks and Tardi (i assume that’s the plural- edit: obviously it isn’t, that’d be crazy) from a very early age.

Back to the project, as before, the base is an 80mm saucer that cost 25p from a DIY shop, the landscape is polymer clay,  work in progress shots available here and here. Finally it was painted in acrylics and finished with model railway scatter material.

To hide the gap between the base of the Tardis and the ground  I glued a layer of grass around its base, allowing it to be positioned anywhere on the display

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Jul 8 2010

Mini Dino Garden 2


Dino Garden 2

Mk 2 of the dino garden.  Clay dish (25p @ B& Q) approx 75mm diameter. Polymer clay, scatter material and acrylic paints.

Dinosaur from the Early Learning Centre as before.

May 30 2010

Dino Zen Garden Playset


Dino Zen Garden

The base is from a mini Zen garden set, the sort they sell in bookshops.

The base is fimo (soft), prodded with a 3.5mm stereo jack and painted in acrylics. The bushes are standard model railway stuff.

This started out as 3 separate projects (use the base, dinosaurs and alien terrain) but pretty quickly merged into one. the Dino zen garden now sits on my desk.

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Jan 2 2010

Polymer Clay iPod Shuffle Dock


I made this after becoming  fascinated with the dry brushing technique used by modellers. Made using fimo, cling film (to mold the base of the original dock), a rock and knife  for texturing and some old coins for a bit of weight.

My original idea was to have tiny N or HO scale people worshipping it, sort of like the 2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith. That never happened, as i was pretty happy with just the rock effect.