Christmas CNC project


CNC Christmas Star

Using my little CNC machine I knocked up this little star to go on the top of our Christmas tree. It was cut from a piece of 2mm x 40mm aluminium stock using a 2 flute 1mm end mill. The pic above shows it still held in place in the stock by 2 small tabs I added to the outline toolpath.

CNC Christmas Star

Here’s the star popped out and given a bit of a polish.

CNC Christmas Star

Finally, it’s in place on the top of our tree.

2 Responses to “Christmas CNC project”

  • unigamer Says:

    I’m liking your projects a lot :) They’re much more elegant than mine (wires and goodness knows what everyhwere).

    But you have your own CNC machine! That’s just unfair!

  • Marcel Says:

    Sweet. Could you post some info on your CNC machine? I’m hoping to put one together myself.


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